Kerry Greenwood

Kerry's first self-published book is Don't Boil The Beans!

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Don't Boil The Beans!

A story about a marriage that was doomed from the start. 
This book shows the character’s
vulnerability, and at times, naivety, when she truly believes things will work out. Raw emotions are reflected, yet she remains (at times) humorous, forever hopeful, and always retains her dreams. And her “dreams” start to make you wonder who actually is out of control. A journey to show that emotional abuse and sadness can be overcome, and to never under estimate the power of friendship, courage, and hope.

This story also shows the character's
integrity and willingness to grow as a person, as she strives for a better life
and future.

You can purchase a copy of Don't Boil The Beans! from:  

or from any book store ISBN 9781742840874

or google Don't Boil The Beans and choose an online store.

Also available in e-book/kindle version!